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Coloring is a single-digit solving technique that uses colors to mark the parity of candidates.

Although it is an advanced solving technique, many player know how to use it because it is supported by the popular Simple Sudoku program.


Simple Colors
Uses only 2 colors to form a single color cluster.
Uses multiple colors (4, 6 or a higher mutiple of 2) to form multiple color clusters.
Uses only 2 colors, but also takes the implications for each color into account.
Color Trap
A technique that uses a single cluster to eliminate candidates outside the cluster.
Color Wrap
A technique that uses a single cluster to detect a contradiction in one of the colors.
Color Wing
A technique that uses multiple clusters to eliminate candidates outside these clusters. Same as Multi-Colors.
3D Medusa Coloring | Advanced Coloring
A set of techniques that uses colors on multiple digits.

Related Techniques

Equivalence Marks
Uses parity markers instead of colors.
Fish | 2-String Kite | Skyscraper
Pattern recognition techniques that can often be replicated by coloring techniques.
Refer to its discussion at http://www.setbb.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=1562&mforum=sudoku.
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