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Sudoku Forums

These are the birthplaces of new Sudoku solving methods. The forums also provide a platform where players can discuss specific Sudokus or the theory in general. The software industry uses the forums to introduce their Sudoku applications, services and websites.

A recurring theme on most forums is the "Help me, I'm stuck" message.

There may be thousands of forums around the world where Sudoku is a topic of discussion, but the most productive forums in terms of new solving techniques are those fully dedicated to the subject.


Sudoku Forums

Forums are grouped by language. Some forums may have subforums in different languages.


Sudoku Xtra forum
Fairly busy forum with discussion of all aspects of Sudoku and related puzzles, as well as the monthly Sudoku Xtra magazine.
YouPlay! Forums
Engage with a community of dedicated Sudoku enthusiasts via specialty forums and site-wide chat. You can even get in touch with the Sudoku generator and site developers.
Sudoku Players' Forums
Originally the most active Sudoku forum, started by Wayne Gould, but currently owned by RealNetworks, Inc. Many new solving techniques were developed by its members but were lost in a server failure - see the following entry.
New Sudoku Players' Forum
Created from a 2009 backup of the original Players’ Forums by concerned members when it crashed in 2010. Over 70,000 postings were recovered including those covering the development of many major techniques. The forum is still live.
Sudoku Programmers
A forum where programmers exchange ideas about writing Sudoku computer programs. Not as active as it used to be, but still a considerable resource for finding solving techniques. This forum is also used by Angus Johnson as a support forum for his Simple Sudoku program.
Sudoku Discussions
This forum was founded by the late Mike Mepham. It is currently managed by Andrew Stuart, who supplies the Sudokus for the Daily Telegraph in the UK and the LA Times. The Eureka board has very lively discussions that explore the uncharted territories of the Sudoku world.
SudoCue Users
A forum hosted by Ruud, the author of SudoCue and SumoCue. An excellent place to learn how to solve extremely difficult Sudokus and several Sudoku Variations. It has a very active Killer Sudoku community.
Daily Sudoku
A forum for the Daily Sudoku website, hosted by Sam Griffiths-Jones.
DJApe - The Home of Perfect Sudoku
A forum hosted by DJ-Ape, the author of Perfect Sudoku. A perfect place to discuss the Killer Sudoku variant.
Sudoku Assistenten Forum
A forum hosted by Havard, one of the authors of the Sudoku Assistenten program. Includes threads for support, sharing sudokus and advanced techniques.
Sudoku Puzzles - Sudoku Tips
Frequent tips and illustrated puzzle proofs by Steve K, as well as discussion between the various members.
SudokuSolver Forum
Hosted by R.C. Broughton, author of the SudokuSolver program. A forum for Sudoku enthusiasts to share puzzles, techniques and software.


SudokuPlaats forum
A small but clean forum to discuss Sudoku and off-subject matter in Dutch.
Players & Programmers forum
The administrator has left the building. Spammers have taken over the forum.


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