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Sudoku-DG (also known as Offset Sudoku) is one of the Sudoku Variations with additional constraints. DG refers to the 9 disjoint groups in the puzzle, one for each relative box position.

Here is an example:


The 9 disjoint groups each have a distinct color. Each group of 9 cells with the same color must also contain digits 1 through 9.

The additional groups can be used in the following standard solving techniques:

The extra groups will also allow you to search for additional fish patterns. However, no research has been done yet into possible fish patterns for Sudoku-DG.

Minimum Number of Givens

It is possible to have a valid Sudoku-DG with only 12 givens, however it is unknown whether this is the minimum number. Examples of such puzzles can be found in this forum post.

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