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Finned Skewed X-Wing

In Sudoku Variants with additional diagonals like Sudoku-X, Argyle Sudoku ... exist additional types of Finned X-Wings formed by Skewed X-Wings.


Example 1


In this picture we can delete the 1's in the yellow cells. There is a strong link at diagonal R1C9-R9C1 (only two cells with candidate 1) a weak link between R2C2 and R2C8 (in the same line) and no more 1's at the diagonals.

Example 2


Example 3


Sashimi Skewed X-Wing

Also the Sashimi version of a Skewed X-Wing works in sudoku variants with diagonals.



Now there is no candidate 1 in R7C7. Again we have fins in the orange cells (not both are necessary), the strong link on diagonal R1C9-R9C1, the weak link in R2 and no more 1's at the diagonals. We can also delete the 1's in the yellow cells.

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